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Meet the Staff :
We the staff are those lovable behind-the-scenes people who makes this battalion work. We work daily to make the JROTC experience one of the best you ever will have.

Year Of 09-10

Cadet Battalion Commander:
- C LTC Rebecca Ferguson

Battalion XO:
- C MAJ Amanda Hoffman
Middle School Commandant:
- C MAJ Jacob Caldwell

Battalion CSM:
- C CSM Taci Sauls

Battalion LNO/Ass't:
- C CPT Garrett Gower
- C 1LT Liz Mckee

Chain of Command Flow Chart


Battalion S-1/Ass't:
- C CPT Abby Gelino
- C 1LT Jules Zumwalt
Battalion S-2/Ass't:
- C CPT Michael Bowery
- C 1LT Brittney Statum
Battalion S-3/Ass't:
- C CPT Andrew Craig
- C 1LT Matt Wickett
Battalion S-4/Ass't:
- C CPT Dillon Foreman
- C 1LT Kaili Gilbert
Battalion S-5:
- C CPT Mason Lindsey



We Are The Eagles, This Is What We Say...
Or Get Out Of The Way!